Our Story


This is my little family. Ryan and our kids: Cave (9), Lulu (8) and Pia (5).


I am, as usual, behind the camera, so you will have to find out about me later.

This one was taken as we embarked on our new adventure – moving to America!

After living in Australia for about fifteen years, we have just moved to the Sierra Nevada mountains, close to where Ryan grew up. We have bought a smelly, rundown little house, with a hell of a lot of charm, and a good chunk of sunlight thrown in, and plan to renovate and redecorate this little place of ours.

Ryan is a builder and I am an artist with a bit of background in interior and furniture design, and together, we have redone a couple of houses in Sydney. the great thing about this project is that (a) we don’t have to live in it during the renovation process and (b) we have a full seven months in which to do it. We will both be working on the house ourselves, with just a little help from licenced professionals when required.

This house is crying out for some love and attention, and that is what we plan to give it. Come follow us on our journey for the next seven months as we bring this gorgeous little house back to life.