One Room Challenge – Week 5 – Shared Girls Room

Welcome to Week 5 in the One Room Challenge! It is the penultimate week and although last week was a bit crappy, I soldiered on and this one was an amazing success!

Remember the leaky paint job? Well, I had someone message me and let me know how I should have done it.


I should have painted over the tape with the white wall colour to seal the edge. Then, I could go ahead with the grey top coat. Then it wouldn’t smudge or leak.

They were so right – I had never done textured walls before and I should have thought about that but I got carried away and created a mess. However, it isn’t going to stop me and I am considering trying again in my sons room. We will see.

Anyway, remember last week, I brought the girls wall back to plain white?


Well, not any more!

I used the Opalhouse Ikat wallpaper I fell in love withfrom Target.


It is selfadhering, and super easy to apply.


All I needed was my box cutter and my hands to flatten it.


Amazingly, it came up bubble free and covered the textured wall beautifully.


I completed the whole wall in just under an hour. What a difference an hour makes!


The one thing that I have noticed over the last few days is that the seams have split just a tiny bit in some places. I was really careful about butting them up to each other perfectly, so I think this is due to the textured wall. I probably smoothed them a bit too much and as there is a little stretch and give in the paper, it has simply gone back to the normal width. So, my tip is not to pull as you smooth.


That being said, you barely notice the splits because it is such an interesting wallpaper. I would absolutely use it again.

I feel like the navy dresser pops against the wall and I am glad I didn’t paint the beds blue because it is all about the wallpaper.


I haven’t managed to get the curtain rod I want, but have got the curtains, so fingers crossed I find one by next week for the final reveal!!


Til then, remember to go on over to the ORC website to check out all the other amazing rooms in progress. I particularly love what The Posh Home is doing to their living room, and the styling Sweet Rose and Wren has made to her girls room.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for the FINAL REVEAL!!!


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