One Room Challenge – Week 4 – Shared Girls Room

Okay, so it is Week 4 in the One Room Challenge, and for those who have just tuned in, it means I have two weeks left to complete the girls room. Yikes.

Last week, I was taking everything in my stride. I had purchased a few bits and pieces, ordered more, and painted the half wall behind the beds.

CD80A304-F5FB-4716-A110-7258A0D99917But then I noticed this…


I planned to touch it up and briefly considered painting two triangles to make little mountains or house shapes above the bed instead. Think this image from Live Seasoned.


And the triangle wall from my last house.


But the grey dulled the room too much and the textured wall was just simply a nightmare. Then Target got involved.

The sneaky marketing people have recently been sending me drool worthy photos of their new OpalHouse collection and amongst them, this wallpaper caught my eye.


I held up my iPhone, squinted, imagined and decided. I had to have it. It arrived in record time and I popped it beside my collected items.


A perfect match.

But I had to paint over the dark grey to get a seamless look. Ugh.


So now, it is a blank canvas again. Yes, one step forward and two steps back, but it has actually made me pinpoint the exact look that I am going for. I was feeling a bit wishy washy about the whole room but with this wallpaper BOOM! The vision is there!

I want the paint to totally cure before I wallpaper. Did I mention it is removable, sticky back wallpaper? They say it is as easy to apply as contact.

So for those of you who have seen my children’s contact-covered school books, you will expect plenty of bubbles, but I am willing to give it a go anyway. I peeled and restuck this piece four times and it still adhered well to my textured wall, so I am hopeful I will get all the kinks out.

And in other news… I have decided not to paint the beds after all. The wallpaper will be enough – we will need some raw wood in there to neutralise everything.

Also, I finally unpacked our gorgeous vintage Australian dolls house. Woo hoo!


Next week it is all going to come together!

Pop over to the ORC website to check out all the other amazing rooms in progress!


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