One Room Challenge – Week 3 – Shared Girls Room

The week has flown by in the ORC but I am happy to report that progress has been made on the girls room!

The closet doors have been painted, the brass handles have been added and I have successfully put together some duck egg blue storage boxes from Ikea ($2 each!) for the girls excess toys.

They have so much crap that I try to rotate toys a little, and this is a great way of keeping them away from prying hands.

I also made the executive decision to paint half of their back wall grey. I used the same grey as the closet – purely because I had some left over.

This is such a simple way to create impact in a room.


Just tape and paint!


Tip – even if you get the most expensive tape, if it doesn’t adhere well to the wall, this will happen…



Tomorrow I will touch it up and make it neat and tidy – I just didn’t have time before the girls were back from their sleepovers, so the room now looks like this.


Even messy and unfinished, the grey adds depth and interest to the wall, looks so much better than last week and the girls love it!

And did you spot the artworks by Aussie artist Jay Feather and Canadian artist Yumi Phillips? Love them in here!

Check out the other rooms in the One Room Challenge – I am gathering inspo for our outdoor room next!IMG_5171



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