One Room Challenge

So, we have officially moved into our new house and some rooms are coming along well but I hit a road block with the girls room. I just put together a couple of Ikea beds and walked away.

But I am delighted to announce that I am a guest participant in the Spring One Room Challenge by Calling It Home and House Beautiful which will hopefully encourage me to pull all of my thoughts and ideas together more cohesively and meet a six week deadline to complete the girls room!

Do you remember how it looked when we bought the house in September? Think nicotine stained walls, vinyl panelling, stained cream carpet and you get the picture.




The carpet was replaced with French Oak hardwood and the single glazed aluminium windows were replaced with double glazed.



We repaired the walls, painted them white, added trim and lights. Ryan made me the closet doors from standard hollow core internal doors and we added an Ikea Malm for extra storage.

Then, we stopped. It was liveable, and the other rooms in our house demanded attention.

But now, I am focusing once more on the blank canvas of a room and plan to make it colourful and fun!

The theme – (as requested by the girls Lulu, age 8 and Pia age 6):

“colourful with lots of flowers” “pretty” “pink” “blue”


My plan:

– source a rug

– paint existing dresser

– improve Ikea beds

– source window dressings

– find appropriate storage

– add colour and fun via artwork

So now it is time to scour the thrift stores for interesting pieces, get out the paint brushes, and get busy!

Also, make sure you check out the amazing designers and guest participants in the One Room Challenge!


3 thoughts on “One Room Challenge

  1. postboxdesigns says:

    This is going to be such a fun makeover! My two girls share a room too and while it has been fun, it is interesting to see their little styles meld together! Can’t wait to see the final look…best of luck during ORC! Kristin


    • Marnie says:

      Thanks Kristin! They weren’t too happy about sharing a room so I have to make it extra special so they don’t end up painting a line down the middle and setting up battle stations! 😆


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