Week 19 and 20 – A Spring In Our Step

So much has happened!

Floors are going down in the kitchen, all walls are painted, the pellet stove is fixed. We had to shrink the island a bit cos we couldn’t get a piece of quartz big enough and we are just awaiting installation but the bathroom vanity doors are in and looking fab.


A bunch of goodies arrived too, including light fittings, the kitchen tap and these cool Kartell Aero chairs I picked up for a bargain on Craig’s List.


And after all that work, we decided we needed a break and went to Palm Springs! So, I am going to show photos from there instead because oh my god the place is amazeballs! The vibe is so cool and the architecture is out of this world.

Many of you will know I have a thing for coloured front doors. Well, Palm Springs is the capital of cool entryways.





We had the kids with us so we didn’t do a tour but wandered around a few neighbourhoods and spotted houses formally belonging to Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Vivian Leigh and more. The pride in the housand the gorgeous mid century architure blew my mind.





We stayed in a nice enough hotel with a fabulous pool and pretty much stayed there all week. We had one ill fated trip to Joshua Tree National Park, where we went in the wrong entrance and ended up an hour away from the Joshua Trees, so we gave up and headed back to the pool.

We are now recharged and ready to get stuck into a lot of the final finishes on the house and hope to start moving in around St Patrick’s Day, so not long now! Stay tuned…

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