Week 17 and 18 – In the home stretch

After an epic day of putting together Ikea cabinets and installing them the next day, this kitchen has been transformed.

Remember this?


It now looks like this:


There is so much storage that I feel like there may be a drawer here and there that will remain empty. Seriously. That’s how much storage there is. Amazeballs.

The plumber hooked up the water so the bathrooms all work which is a relief because going outside to wash hands holds a whole new meaning in the snow.


And yes, it snowed again last week. It is pretty much all gone again but it was lovely while it lasted.


So, this is the light I ended up ordering for the reading room area. My France and Son choice was discontinued so I popped onto Etsy to see what I could find and grabbed this awesome guy (handmade in Texas). Totally different from my first choice but it will be perfect! 


The living room has had its last coat of white and now looks kinda like this…


The light fitting will go in the hole in the ceiling at the end of the room. We plan to install a huge bookcase and our vintage record player down there are use it as a relaxing area (ie – no TV and no kids allowed). Okay, so chances are high that the kids will stick around, but a telly will only enter that room if it sprouts it’s own legs and moves in.

So, we are well on track to finish the house in six weeks so stay tuned – ‘after’ shots will be coming soon!!!

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