Week 16 – It’s all coming together

We had such a fantastic feeling at the end of this week, with the plumbing being signed off and the final sheets being laid on the kitchen ceiling and walls. Woo hoo!


I made a rookie mistake of not checking if the wall in the walk in robe was square, so my Ikea bought Malm wouldn’t fit all the way in. However, the kids ones are perfect!


The bathrooms look amazing too. We picked out the quartz countertops from the offcut section of a local tile cutter, and got them at the bargain price of $175 each. Ryan will start on the splash backs this week, and add the vanity doors – but here are the progress shots.



The appliances we ordered online have started to trickle in so we have been able to confirm measurements in the kitchen and are trekking back down to Ikea soon to collect the cabinets. The custom doors via Semihandmade are still a while away but check out my inspo from their instagram page.



Weather wise, we are due a big snow (!) so we stocked up on paint and hope to have the whole HUGE living area painted next week. I have laid down the first coat on the ceiling and my neck is killing me but check out the view out the windows. Not bad at all.



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