Week 15 – Swedish Success

So, I have told you before how much I dislike online shopping, but have I told you how much I LOVE Ikea shopping? So much so, that we drove over two hours to get here!


I know that in many design circles, Ikea is a four letter word, but for me – they are an essential aspect in all of my homes. I started shopping in Ikea for our first house – a tiny 500sq foot townhouse in South Sydney. Their clever small space solutions worked brilliantly for us and I was hooked. Our Como cottage had a lot of Ikea from both necessity – our budget was tight – and choice – I love the simple lines, as seen in the kitchen below, using Ikea cabinets with a custom concrete top.


For our house in the woods, we are using less Ikea but it still has its place. And the other day, most of it was in the back of our truck.


The wardrobes in our renovation are currently a couple of shelves and a hanging rack. We are drawer people, and I can’t go past the Malm drawers for our closet internals. The issue is putting them together but I am on it.


We also went with Ikea on the kids beds because in my opinion, the frame doesn’t matter as much as how you dress it. I had chosen grey bunks for the girls room, but they never arrived (goddamn online shopping) so I picked up a single and double Fjellse which I am going to paint grey with my new magical tool, the Critter. More on that soon.


Cave is getting the slightly fancier Tarva, coming in at $89 which we will leave natural to match his Milkcart bedsides.


One thing to note is that we presumed Ikea would be the same in the US as in Oz. Not so. Some things are almost half the price but the majority are considerably more expensive – especially when you factor in the added tax and exchange rates. My stranded-on-a-desert-island-and-couldn’t-be-without iPad stand was two bucks in Sydney. Here, it rings up at $2.99 plus sales tax and with the current exchange rate it would equate at AUD$3.80. Almost double. That said, I have a stash of those iPad stands, so I am sweet.


Anyway, still at Ikea, I picked up the pendant and mirror for the main bathroom which is coming on a treat. You will be delighted to know that I finally found my floor tiles! They are called Abbey Brick and are a little more textured than I was hoping for but I reckon they still look amazeballs.


And wait til you see the pics of the ensuite next week – it is almost done! The loo is in and everything! Yippee!

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