Week 14 – Shopping Charade

So I had these grand plans to go to Reno (our nearest city – an hour away) and visit appliance and tile stores, West Elm, Scandinavian Design and a bunch of cool shops. Spend the day, maybe sit down and have lunch and head home in the evening with a car full of goods.

But then I found out I had to bring the kids with me. So after 6 hours or navigating Reno, this is what I came home with.


This chair is, admittedly, awesome and cost only $1 at Goodwill (due to the fact that it is 5″ high) but it is a world away from what I had been hoping to purchase.

None of the appliances I wanted to see were in stock. The flipping grey tiles I have been searching had been discontinued in every flipping tile store in Nevada. I tried 9 tile shops and have now admitted defeat and will get marble tiles instead.

So, after the charade of a shopping day, I came home and just bought everything online. I hate buying online. I get no pleasure out of it but it seems to be the only way to go up here. Nothing has arrived as yet, so I can’t show pics, but I will show you the amazing progress on the ensuite.


And the shower…


And the fireplace.


I will also add in some pics of our old house which is the current cover story on InsideOut magazine.


Pot from Design Twins, camp bed from curbside, concrete stool made by Ryan, coffee table from Gumtree, couch from Ikea, floor lamp from Kmart, artwork by Marnie McKnight – pic by Maree Homer, styling by Kerrie-Anne Jones for InsideOut Magazine


Curtains made from Aina Linen from Ikea, linen from Cultiver, artwork by Marnie McKnight, bedsides by Ryan, black vase from Country Road, mattress from Koala – pic by Maree Homer, styling by Kerrie-Anne Jones for InsideOut Magazine


Pendant by Beacon Lighting, table made by Ryan, chairs from op shops/curbside, sliding door painted with Blackboard paint, stool from Ikea, art by Marnie McKnight, kitchen from Ikea, bench tops made by Ryan – pic by Maree Homer, styling by Kerrie-Anne Jones for InsideOut Magazine

Pretty, huh?

3 thoughts on “Week 14 – Shopping Charade

  1. Kristin says:

    Hi Marnie!
    I bought InsideOut recently and was reading about your Como cottage. I noticed the US Mail box on the fence (the exact one we have outside our house in W Australia) and THEN noticed you had moved to Lake Tahoe. I moved to WA from Carnelian Bay. It’s funny seeing all of your European/Australian sensibilities that frustrate you about America, ie the size of the washer and dryer, as I have the opposite over here, the washing machines and ovens are so small ~how am I supposed to roast a huge turkey at Thanksgiving?! Alas of course we do it in the BBQ because it’s too hot to cook inside anyway! Love that you use Ikea, I use them all the time and everyone comments how I find great stuff at Ikea, it just takes a little imagination. Can’t wait to see the end result. i know you are busy with the reno (said the Aussie way not like the city in NV!) but I am looking forward to see if you make some artwork inspired by Tahoe!


    • Marnie says:

      Hi Kristin, how funny that you are in the reverse situation to us! You forget how much of a culture difference there is going between two English speaking developed countries, but there are definitely challenges – even if they are just first world problems!! I am still reluctant to shop online, so am forcing myself to drive down the hill and have discovered gold in some of the Carson thrift stores – also I am heading your way to Kings Beach today to pick up some Craig’s List chairs! The lake seems to be seeping into my pores so I will have some lake inspired works coming this way soon I think – just gotta finish the house first!!!


      • Kristin Lucas says:

        Hi Marnie,
        Can’t wait to see the chairs! Lake Tahoe definitely gets in your blood, I’ll be looking out for those paintings in the future when you’ve had time to decompress! Enjoy the coming spring and especially summer. You certainly live in a place of amazing beauty!


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