Week 12 and 13 – Out with the old and in with the new!

Happy New Year everyone!

We had our first white Christmas here at Lake Tahoe. Although it didn’t actually snow, we were able to drive half an hour to the snow and the kids skied for the first time ever on Christmas Day.

So, we had a great Christmas break but not too much went on in the house.

Really, it was all about more painting and a bit more bathroom work.

I spray painted the heating vents in Rustoleum Matt black.


The bedroom cupboard doors were painted in grey satin and the door handles placed on the bedroom doors.


My brass handles arrived too – you will see them again on the closets, cupboards and vanities.

I had to bite the bullet and get the American size washer and dryer which will be stacked in the laundry. Unfortunately, the European sizes were over double the price and we were advised that when we eventually sell, people will expect full sized appliances and I absolutely won’t budge on a bigger fridge so the washer dryer combo had to take the fall. We have gone with Samsung, mainly because they were on special.


The fridge we have chosen is Haier – not the best brand in the world but it has some key elements that we can’t go past. It is counter depth – most US fridges stick out 20cm (8″) deeper than the counter and I can’t deal with that. Also, it has no handles which makes it even more streamlined, doesn’t have an ice maker (which is rare over here but is a feature we never use -plus it saves about $200 to plumb it in), and it is cheap at $800 delivered.


Ryan has also been busy tiling the ensuite and I have also totally revised my moodboards for the bathrooms because I decided I was over subway tiles and wanted to try something new. What do you think?



I did manage to get the first coat of paint on the fireplace.


But this is how messy a painter I am.


Finally, the last house we renovated was just featured on the cover of InsideOut magazine in Australia, with a full article inside. Check it out!


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