Week 10 – Doors for days

What a fab week!

Check out the freshly painted walls!

IMG_2646It’s straight-out-of-the-can matte white. A lot of the houses here have a satin or eggshell finish on the walls, but we want to minimise the look of the textured walls, so matte it is. We are using semi gloss white on the trim. We are minimalists at heart and I love the bones of houses to be neutral and colour to be introduced in art and furnishings.

Doors galore went in too. We are too cheap to pay over $130 for the doors that I wanted, so we fashioned our own out of a plain hollow core door and some trim, making the cost per door total about $45, so not bad at all.


The bedroom doors will be painted white and the wardrobe doors grey.

We are awaiting all the door hardware but this is what we are getting…

And the front door.


I love it! I think it will end up a glossy navy though! The front doors here are all steel and standard sizes, so it was much quicker to put this in than we expected.

The fireplace is something new for us. There is an inefficient gas fire in there right now so we are looking into either a pellet stove or wood burner but so far, have only found ugly ones, so I am on the hunt. And I love a nice brick, but this brick is very 70s and crazy ugly so this is happening…


The mantle is just a slab of timber we found at Home Depot and I am going to stain it with a random colour I found under the house, named Espresso (so it must be lovely). The brick will be painted white and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Next week will be big – the flooring is acclimatising in the bedrooms now so fingers crossed they will be laid over the next few days, which will make the world of difference!


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