Week 8 + 9 – Going Fine

Although the photos won’t look crazy dramatic, heaps has happened over the last fortnight. We have moved beyond the rough-in phases of plumbing and electricians. The cable people, Internet man and gas guys have pretty much finished too, so it may not look like, but for us, anything here on out is a finish to us.

Ryan completed the wall breaking up the living area.


The doors that were covered over have now been blended and finished.


The main bathroom bath zone has been tiled.



Cornice (or crown molding) as it is known here, has been applied throughout most of the house and the ceiling has been resurfaced.


Paint has been purchased, colours have been chosen, and next week the bedrooms will get a lick of paint.


I had had high hopes for the Black Friday sales and Ryan and I spent the day looking for bargains, but found none. I did consolidate my wish list though, and you may or may not see some of these items appear in the house soon…

Black vs brass in the pendant category…


$249 vs $49 in the study light fight


A couple of sure things for the kitchen



We did have a minor tile set back. The gorgeous ones that were crazy expensive turned out to be even more over budget once we added in taxes, a sealant and shipping fees, so Ryan vetoed them. We are instead searching for a simple grey rectangle tile that we can lay in herringbone style, however it is proving really difficult to get, which is odd. They did have them in stock everywhere until recently, but with the popularity of the wood-look tile, all basic floor tiles have been shoved to the wayside.


Another odd odd fact is that the washers and dryers are HUGE here. I mean massive. In Europe and Australia, we are used to them being of standard size at about 60x60cm to fit under the countertops. But here, they are more like 75x85cm. The wash capacity is extra large but I feel that they take over the space and I don’t use dryers anyway, so for me, it is a waste of space.


So, we went on a mission to find European style washers and finally tracked them down but funnily enough, they are a lot more expensive than their larger counterparts and there are only a couple of brands available (three German, one American) and are a bit old fashioned in design. In any case, we are going to get them because I need the counter space more than I need the wash capacity. It’s all about priorities. And mine is to get into this house as soon as possible – I love it already!



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