Week 6 – Rebuilding

After four and a half months, our tools finally arrived from Australia which can only mean one thing – IT IS TIME TO BUILD!!!

So, after sorting through that lot, Ryan lovingly sorted his tools into his newly made tool racks and then got stuck into things. First trip was a very precarious trip to the lumber are where the gusty wind nearly blew the Sheetrock off the roof racks.

But he eventually returned home and added a new room to the huge living room.


Just to give you an idea of size – the living area was a huge L shaped space which was almost the same size as our whole house in Australia. So, the room needed definition (read: we need a room where the kids can be kids and we can shut the door).

Speaking of kids, Pia helped me make a basic furniture design plan and as a starter, I ordered this piece which is due to arrive next week.

The other two were sent outside to rake the pine needles!

Ryan also managed to line the bathrooms and create the shower bed.

And I found a simple panelling that is going to feature in a few spots around the house – the hallway nook, study and mudroom… Kinda along these lines…

(Photos via Pinterest and Darren and Dee Jolly Reno)

Next week, our new windows are due, so fingers crossed they arrive before snow does!

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