Week 5 – Strip it all out

What a week!

Our friends were visiting from Seattle and we managed to get them to help us rip out the kitchen so it is as bare as a babies bottom.







I also got out the Sharpie and drew all over the floor to test out my proposed floor plan and it got the thumbs up from Ryan so we are good to go.


We also had a couple of wins at the thrift store. We picked up this gorgeous (and fully functional) record player for $150. They even threw in a vintage jazz record which is on constant repeat until our collection arrives from Australia.


We also found this slightly less attractive laminate chest of drawers which I plan to paint navy. That will allow the lines to be more defined and will make the brass handles pop. I know there will be people who scream and pull out their hair when they see painted mid century furniture, and where possible, we do restore them, but this one is past restoration with water damage and chunks missing, but a bit of builders bog, patching and paint will give it a new lease of life.


No bears this week, but I did see my first coyote which was pretty cool.


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