Week 3 – Ensuite Progress

This week, we were focusing on prepping the ensuite.

Remember my inspo pic via Amber Interiors?


Here is the ensuite as it stands…aka the before photos…


Note the ply floors, Aussie friends? There is no central drain or waterproofing needed except for in the shower. The code is so different here! That is why on the American TV shows, they can redo a bathroom way cheaper than in Oz. Loving it!

As yet, there are no after photos, but they are coming!

For now, here is a sneak peek at the moodboard for this room.

imageWe also did a lot of little jobs such as pulling up those millions of carpet staples all over the house (we ripped up over 2,000 sq feet of old carpet).


Here is Lu coming through the door with the gorgeous new crown mouldings (cornice for the non-Americans amongst us).


We have found that in the Tahoe area, pretty much every single internal wall is textured. We are used to the gyprock (Sheetrock) walls which are put up, taped, filled sanded and painted. But here, the process is to put texture the walls before you paint it. Although not a huge fan of the textured look, we see the advantages.

The texturing hides imperfections really well and is actually a lot quicker then filling, sanding and cleaning before painting. Ryan had never done it before but after watching YouTube and calling in some advice from a friend, he nailed it!


It also looks like I have found our new flooring – French Oak hardwood. We tested out the laminate and luxury vinyls but have gone with natural wood. The Timber is a little darker than I like, but it is the lightest available locally, and I think it will look great.


And on a personal note – we finally saw a bear! It may or may it have been dead because it was just lying there but it was definitely a bear.



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