Week 2 – Going navy blue

So week 2 has flown by with a lot of planning and preparation!

We popped our plans into the county last week for a few permits, but have actually decided to change a few more things so I have been working on all the designs this week.

Here is an early sketch of the house – black is existing, red are changes, and there are also plenty of mistakes in there are I struggled to convert metric to imperial and then at a 1:1/4 inch ratio. But you get the picture.


it is a really workable layout and is drenched with sunlight all along the living areas and kids bedrooms, all day long. Anyone who knows me, knows that a bright house is essential for me, and this one gives it to us in spades.

It looks like we will need to get the bathroom things ordered soon – here is my inspo pic via Amber Interiors.


I would love to get bead board style vanity and cupboard doors like these ones in this Cadence and Co kitchen (pictured below), but am having trouble sourcing any so may have to go with shaker… We will see. No matter what, navy blue is happening in this house though which is out of my comfort zone as I am usually a monochrome addict, but I think this will work really well in this home.



We did have a few mini setbacks. Dry rot, anyone? And termites? Anyone had them? Luckily, the dry rot is around the slider that we will be replacing soon, and many years ago, the termites just decided to munch on one tiny section of the house which is not structural. We are going to get a good treatment in just in case though.

And speaking of random animals invading people’s homes, this sign went up outside our house this week.


We are yet to see a bear, but seemingly the neighbours have had families of them playing in their gardens, breaking into their garages and stealing food all over the place. I will keep you posted on that!

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