Week 1 all done

So, week one is done! Happy days!

We got so much more accomplished than we expected. The carpet was pulled up, some cabinets were donated, the dumpster took away a heap of the previous owners old broken household appliances.


I think it went quicker than expected because we are used to working in Australia where not only are conditions more humid to work in, you are constantly on the lookout for bugs! In Sydney, we pulled out kitchen overhead cupboards to a hail of cockroach poo, a handful of cockroaches, and evidence of former rat occupation. The bathroom yielded a family of red back spiders, and the garden chucked up an extremely deadly funnel web spider.

But not here, no! So far, we have not encountered any bugs of any kind. It does look like mice are happily residing outside in the sprinkler box, but nothing seems to have infiltrated the house itself. I am kind of half thinking that the nicotine killed off all the bugs, but who knows. I am just delighted that it is a ‘clean’ demo.

It turns out that we need a bunch of permits to make any changes to the house, so we have written a scope of work which is in review with the county at the moment. We have used the lull and have been shopping for fixtures, flooring and may or may not have quickly painted a wall or 4 in Cave’s room.


As you can see, what we thought was an off white was severely nicotine stained and is now a glorious clean white!

We have done white floorboards in our last two places but are changing it up with natural coloured this time. Check out these samples, one is hardwood, one laminate and one is luxury vinyl. Can you tell which is which?


Anyway, I don’t love any of them, so we are trying another place next week. We found our skirting board though!


And online, I found the tiles I want for the main bathroom. Check them out! They are gorgeous. And totally expensive, but don’t tell Ryan.


Fingers crossed next week we will have our permits to go ahead, and otherwise we will get some landscaping done before winter sets in and source more goodies. Stay tuned!

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