Day 2 – Second Hand Smoke

Jeez Louise. These people smoked. They must have smoked for the last twenty years non stop.

People who know me, know I never shy away from second hand – I love thrift stores, vintage finds, anything that has had a life and history before me. But this kind of second hand, I can do without.

I can just imagine the lady of the house standing, hip propped up against the wierd half wall in the living area, arms gesturing wildly as she tells her husband all about her day as ash from the end of her Marlboro floats gently to the plush white carpet. There it would join its buddy, red wine, and quietly seep into the roots of the carpet where they would lay for decades, intermingled, forgotton, but for the smell.

Yep, it was bad, but guess what? It is almost gone!


After another day of ripping out the pungent carpet, tearing off the old blinds, and finding, with a beagle-like sense of smell, the odd lingering item of stenchiness, (goodbye vintage ironing board) we have cleared out the most of the house. Even Lu walked through the bedrooms today without holding her nose.

The dumpster is here, already half filled with carpet, reeking like a drunk uncle in need of a nicotine patch, and we are determined to clear the rest out tomorrow.

Wish us luck!



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