Day 1 – Hold your nose, here goes the cold water

Day one and there was no cold water, but dear god, there were times we had to hold our nose!

With the kids safely out of the way, Ryan and I dove into demolition. We have decided to start at the back of the house, in the bedrooms, and move forwards. That way, the simple rooms like the bedrooms can be attacked first.

We had been airing out the place for the last week, but really, the smell is all in the carpet so that was the first to go.


That is Ryan checking to see if the holy grail for renovators was hidden beneath the thick nicotine carpet. But no, there were no original hardwood floorboards, just ply. But that’s okay. It’s all one level so we are still winning.

And yes, that is me pulling up the carpet in the ensuite. You are correct, I just said carpet in the ensuite. Wrong on so many levels and quite possibly one of the times I held my nose.

So, one day in and the pile of crap is this big.


Might have to order a dumpster for tomorrow.


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